Because you don't have
a lot of time

And we have a lot to offer

Individual attention.  At EducationGPS we start with the principle that every child is unique.  Your questions and concerns get personalised attention.  

Knowledge.  Our consultant has an insider’s experience and knowledge of schooling and education.  She can fill in your gaps. 

Troubleshooting.  Problems at school happen.  If you are feeling anxious or uncertain on how to tackle a schooling problem, talk it over with our consultant.  She understands how students, teachers, schools and the bureaucracy work.  She can provide appropriate strategies to deal with problems.  She can also act as your advocate and spokesperson in working with teachers, school leaders and bureaucrats.

Evaluation.  Our consultant helps you evaluate educational opportunities and issues on your terms.

Integrity.  We support parents. accepts no compensation from schools, centres, real estate companies or other groups.  We believe this is the only way that we can provide objective, unbiased advice to parents. 

Success.  We measure success through empowering parents.  We save you time and point you in the right direction to achieving your goals.  Give us a call or shoot us an email.