Improving your child's education is our business.

Standard Consultation.  Raise questions or explain any concerns you have around schooling and your child/ren.  The consultant will talk with you over the phone or in person.  All questions and problems are welcome.  Clients have talked about issues ranging from how to choose the right school, how to improve a child’s chances to get into a selective school, whether coaching is right for their child and how to find a good coaching school, and what options are available for children with special needs.  What would you like to talk about? Our rates are competitive.   

Childcare/Daycare/Preschool Consultation.  We find you the best childcare options in the neighbourhoods you are interested in.  We call to find out about availability and we provide you with a follow-up report. This service is particularly useful for those moving to Sydney from abroad or who are short of time.

Special Needs Students.  We help busy parents manage the extra work involved in helping students with special needs.  According to the Disability Standards of Education (2005), students with a disability should have access to and participate in education “on the same basis as other students”.  Nevertheless, many children with special needs fall between the cracks.  Let’s work together to make sure your child gets what they need.

Application Writing Consultation.  This consultation is for parents and students who would like help in writing school, college, university and scholarship applications.

Are You a Refugee?  EducationGPS provides free services to refugees in the community.  If you are a refugee or the child of a refugee, please get in touch.